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 This Year's Tournaments


Checkers 2016

Champion - Matthew M.


Maurer-Koszyk's Tetris 2016

Champion - Zachary L.


Caporale's Connect 4 2016

Champion - Ray D.


Speed Slice 2016

Champion -  Ray D.


Uno 2017

Reigning Champion - Maryanne M.



Super Smash Bros. 2017

Champion - John B.


Mazza's Mario Kart Wii 2017

Champion - Fletcher R.


Wii Bowling 2017

Reigning Champion - Kelly S.




Mario Kart Wii 2017

Fletcher R. Wins!

We have a new champion!  Fletcher defeated 4

of the top 8 ranked racers in this year's tournament to win his 1st championship.  He won the final match against Zachary R., 3 races to 1. Also, his win added a 15th title to room 530

(3rd this year).


A special congratulations goes to Zachary R. for being the 2nd staff member to reach the final round.


2017 Mario Kart Wii Bracket



Up Next

Wii Bowling 2017

Begins March 1st