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 This Year's Tournaments


Checkers 2016

Champion - Matthew M.


Maurer-Koszyk's Tetris 2016

Reigning Champion - Zachary L.


Caporale's Connect 4 2016

Reigning Champion - Jim M.


Speed Slice 2016

Reigning Champion -  Tristan G.


Uno 2017

Reigning Champion - Maryanne M.



Super Smash Bros. 2017

Reigning Champion - Ray D.


Mazza's Mario Kart Wii 2017

Reigning Champion - Chris S.


Wii Bowling 2017

Reigning Champion - Kelly S.




Checkers Tournament 2016

Winner... And Still Champion

Matthew M. 


He's done it!  Matthew first person to win the Checkers Tournament 3 years in a row!  It took 16 straight wins since 2014, and defeating 3 staff members in all 3 championship matches. He's also the 1st student to win 4 championships. 

Although the 3-peat means that he'll have to retire from the tournament, it also means that the tournament's new official name is the Magnes Checkers Tournament.

Congratulation to the champ!



2016 Checkers Bracket

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