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 This Year's Tournaments


Checkers 2017

Reigning Champion - Matthew M.


Maurer-Koszyk's Tetris 2017

Reigning Champion - Zachary L.


Caporale's Connect 4 2017

Reigning Champion - Ray D.


Speed Slice 2017

Reigning Champion -  Ray D.


Uno 2018

Champion - Jackie F.



Super Smash Bros. 2018

Reigning Champion - John B.


Mazza's Mario Kart Wii 2018

Reigning Champion - Fletcher R.


Wii Bowling 2018

Reigning Champion - Jackie F.




Magnes Checkers Tournament 2017

Who's Next?


   And we're back! The 2017-2018 tournament season will begin with the 15th Annual Checkers Tournament. After being dominated by Matthew for the last 3 years, the new named Magnes Checkers Tournament will crown a new champion in 2017.  Kelly S. is the only former Checkers champion in the bracket, and she remains the only staff member to win this tournament.

   It's going to be an exciting season! Good luck everyone!


Magnes Checkers Tournament 2017 Bracket