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 This Year's Tournaments


Checkers 2016

Champion - Matthew M.


Maurer-Koszyk's Tetris 2016

Champion - Zachary L.


Caporale's Connect 4 2016

Champion - Ray D.


Speed Slice 2016

Champion -  Ray D.


Uno 2017

Champion - Jackie F.



Super Smash Bros. 2017

Champion - John B.


Mazza's Mario Kart Wii 2017

Champion - Fletcher R.


Wii Bowling 2017

Champion - Jackie F.




Uno Tournament 2017

Jackie F. Is Headed to the Hall of Fame!

After winning her 1st tournament 6 years ago, Jackie F. wins the final two tournaments of the season to enter the Tournament Champions Hall of Fame.  Already known as one of greatest Wii Bowlers, Jackie can now add Uno Champion to the list, winning it all in her 1st appearance.

It's also the 5th championship for Room 530 this season, bringing their total number of championships to 17!


2017 Uno Tournament Bracket