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 This Year's Tournaments


Checkers 2015

Champion - Matthew M.


Maurer-Koszyk's Tetris 2015

Champion - Zachary L.


Caporale's Connect 4 2015

Champion - Jim M.


Speed Slice 2015

Champion -  Tristan G.


Uno 2016

Champion - Maryanne M.



Super Smash Bros. 2016

Champion - Ray D.


Mazza's Mario Kart Wii 2016

Champion - Chris S.


Wii Bowling 2016

Champion - Kelly S.




Tournament Awards 2016

10th Annual Awards Show

Another successful tournament season is in the books.  Of the 139 participants this year, only a few were chosen to be nominated for a 2016 Tournament Award.  Among the winners were Rookie of the Year Ray D. and Player of the Year Chris S. 


We also inducted two more members to the exclusive Tournament Champions Hall of Fame.  Matthew M. earned a championship in Brawl and 2 championships in Checkers.  Maryanne P. is the one and only 3-time Uno champion and has won more Tournament Awards than anyone else, ever.


A special thanks goes to Josh Caporale (the founder of the Tournament Awards) for once again being a special presenter of the Player of the Year award.


Thanks for amazing year! See you in Septemeber!

2016 Tournament Award Winners


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